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I'm a translator by profession. Other than switching languages for things written or spoken by others, I also write my own stuff. Sometimes in Chinese, more often in English.

I have spent the first half of my life in China, and the other half mostly in Canada. Even though I was born in Beijing, my parents are Southerners (of China). So I was born a non-local. Then I became an immigrant myself, and restarted a life in Canada. Now after nearly 30 years, I'm coming back to the country I was born in, like a re-immigrant.

You will find in my blogs that I love music, especially classical and jazz. I also love ballroom dancing. I think all men should pick up a few steps, not just for attracting ladies, but for their own good self and for fun.

Writing has long been my keen interest. I'm no pro, but I write anyways. I'm at an age of looking back at what I and my family have gone through, but also looking forward to more change and possibilities.

Fang Sheng on University of Toronto campus

Some of my projects and interests and inspirations:

The Adler Project:

Shall We Dance Studio:

Beth Kaplan, author:

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